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The Cartoonzone | March 6, 2005

Dubya's slogan appears to be, "A lie is just as good as the truth if you can get FOX News to repeat the lie over and over and over. . ."

George W. Bush
Praying for a new president | Dubya finally tells the truth | Save Social Security From Bush

Assorted Jerks
The Union Pacific Mayor of Pendleton


George W. Bush
The Part Time President | Rumsfeld Appears Before Senate | Dubya Reacts To Photos of Abused Prisoners | Dubya and Condi's Unique Relationship #2 | Dubya and Condi's Unique Relationship #1 | Dubya Has Economic Priorities | Dubya Says Things Are Great | Dubya at Daytona 500 | Dubya Follows the Grover Norquist Plan | Dubya vs Janet Jackson | Bring On The Greed | The Bush Economy 1 | Bush Wants Tactical Nukes | Number One Cause of Pollution | Bush Plans Post War America | Ready To Negotiate | Bush Signs Debt Increase | Bush Wants Nukes | Bush & Chemical Weapons | Bush's Brain Trust | Bush Cuts Overtime | Bush Meets Americorps Staff | Bush Meets A Veteran | Dubya Cancels Observatory | Evil Doers 1 | Dubya's Fiscal Responsibility | Dubya's Suggestion to the Unemployed | Dubya Needs Training Wheels |

General Defines 'Hypocracy' | Rumsfeld Appears Before Senate | Rummy's Nukes 1 | Rummy's Favorite Things |

Mission: Greed | His Favorite Pick Up Line |

Oregon Republican Idiots
Kevin Mannix Goes Searching for Cheaper Government Services | The Kids Meet Grover Norquist | David Reinhard Meets Some Kids | Republican Tax Cut Monster | Psycho Republicans On Education | Republicans Regressive Sales Tax |

It's A Travesty
12. How Human Resources Treats Faculty | 11. The Board Builds a Wall | 10. Travisty Plans For Fall 2004 | 9. Travisty Pushes Outrageous Arbitrations | 8. Travisty Chart Against Instructors | 7. They Get On Their Knees For Travisty | 6. Travisty Has A Close Circle Of Supporters | 5. She Gets On Her Knees For Travisty | 4. What Several Means To Travisty | 3. Travisty Has A New Set of Bobble Heads | 2. Travisty Is Interviewed | 1. Travisty Is Introduced |

Softball Coach Sets Priorities |

Pray for a new president.
If only dubya would tell the truth.
The Union Pacific Railroad Mayor of Pendleton.
Save Social Security From George W. Bush.
Dubya things are great.

The Foul Stench of the Heritage Foundation

The Foul Stench of Greed
Executive Cuts Jobs | Simplot Family Looses Their Jobs | Off Shore, Outsourcing Executive Gets Rewarded | Paul Allen Plans for Bankruptcy | History of A.B. Cemo | Cut Newspaper Publishing Costs | There Are Jobs In India | Bill Gates Takes Over | Nike Seeks Iraqi Workers

Simplot family looses their jobs Executive cuts jobs Executive gets bonus for outsourcing jobs

"To get people to constantly vote against their own interests is manipulation of the highest order."
-Gore Vidal

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